Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ray Santiesteban (VI)

20-year-old Floridian hunk Ray Santiesteban is totally hot. He has an adorable face and a body to die for. 

Andruw Barnes

This is 21 year old Andruw Barnes of Atlanta Georgia is the lovable jock from down the street. Andruw has a great body, great v-shape Adonis definition, biceps and arms, and a smile that would kill. Enjoy these delicious shots of an even more delicious dude!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bo Berta

Meet model Bo Berta, 25 from Florida.

Chris Campanioni (III)

Meet Chris Campanioni (aka Chris Cuba), a 24 year old male model from Manhattan New York. Chris has worked with dozens of great photographers and has a wide range of amazing shots to choose from. The perfect chest, beautifully sculpted arms, and such a tight midsection it's ridiculous. You can tell he's worked hard to achieve a body like his, and perhaps it's the perfect models body that anyone could ever ask for.
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